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Welcome to Gozo Radio...
Broadcasting from Malta's Not So Little Sister!

Welcome to the official website of Gozo Radio Station, the fresh and vibrant voice broadcasting from the enchanting island of Gozo in the heart of the Mediterranean! As a new player in the broadcasting field, we are thrilled to step into the scene and bring a unique blend of music, culture, and news straight to your ears, no matter where in the world you might be.

At Gozo Radio Station, we are committed to building bridges between listeners and embracing the diversity of sounds and stories that make our world so fascinating. We offer a carefully curated selection of musical genres, from pop country and rock and even some  classical and jazz, and not forgetting the captivating beats of local Maltese music. Besides our eclectic music offerings, we serve up the latest local and global news updates, in-depth discussions on vital topics, sports commentary, and a range of programs dedicated to the rich culture and traditions of Gozo and Malta.

As a new station, our mission is to bring a fresh perspective to the airwaves, serving as a dynamic and inclusive platform for our community, both on the island and beyond. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you. Tune in to Gozo Radio Station and feel the pulse of the Mediterranean like never before!


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Leave Your Message on Air! 🎙️


Hello there! We invite you to be a part of our vibrant radio community at Gozo Radio by leaving a recorded message to be broadcasted on air. Your voice matters, and we are excited to hear what you have to say!

To ensure a positive and inclusive atmosphere, we kindly ask you to follow a few guidelines when leaving your message:

1️⃣ Keep it clean: Please make sure your message is family-friendly and free from any offensive or inappropriate language. We want everyone to enjoy and feel comfortable while tuning in to our station.

2️⃣ Stick to 60 seconds: We appreciate brevity! Try to express your thoughts, wishes, or shout-outs within a maximum of 60 seconds. This allows us to accommodate as many messages as possible and keep the broadcast engaging.

3️⃣ Respectful and friendly vibes: Spread positive and kindness through your message. Whether it's sharing a heartwarming story, celebrating a milestone, expressing gratitude, or simply greeting your loved ones, let your words bring joy to our listeners.

4️⃣ Focus on community: Our radio station is all about connecting people and fostering a sense of togetherness. Feel free to share your thoughts on local events, community initiatives, or ideas that can make a difference in our neighbourhood.

Remember, this is your chance to have your voice heard across the airwaves, reaching countless listeners who will be tuning in. Your message can inspire, uplift, and bring joy to someone's day, so let your creativity shine!

To submit your recorded message, click on the orange Start Recording Button , and follow the simple instructions provided. We can't wait to feature your message and share it with our fantastic audience!

Thank you for being a part of our radio family, and we look forward to hearing your amazing contributions! 📻✨

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