Madame Blanc Filmed in Gozo

Written on 02/18/2024

The picturesque island of Gozo, part of the Maltese archipelago, served as the primary filming location for the enchanting *Madame Blanc Mysteries*. This series, created by Sally Lindsay and Sue Vincent, has captivated audiences with its blend of drama, mystery, and stunning backdrops. While the story is set in the fictional French village of Sainte Victoire, the scenic landscapes of Gozo and its neighboring islands beautifully stand in for the French countryside, offering viewers a visual treat.

The choice of Gozo as the filming location was initially met with skepticism by Sally Lindsay, who had envisioned the series set in France. However, upon visiting Gozo, Lindsay was pleasantly surprised to find that parts of the island bore a striking resemblance to the South of France, convincing her and the production team of its suitability as the series' backdrop. The production team, including producer Andy Morgan, ingeniously transformed Gozo's locales into the quaint French village of Sainte Victoire, utilizing creative framing, local architecture, and strategically placed props to achieve an authentic French ambiance【5†source】.

Season 3 of the *Madame Blanc Mysteries* continued this tradition, filming entirely in Malta, with a significant focus on Gozo, from May to October 2023. This season promises more intriguing plots and character developments, set against the island's captivating landscapes. The production not only showcased Gozo's natural beauty but also contributed significantly to the local economy, with the filming budget for the third season reported to be over €5 million【8†source】.

The series' filming locations in Gozo have become a point of interest for fans and tourists alike, offering an opportunity to explore the real-life settings of their favorite show. From the charming squares to the majestic villas like Villa Francia in Lija, Malta, each site adds a layer of authenticity and charm to the series, making it a must-visit for enthusiasts of the show looking to immerse themselves in the world of Jean White and her adventures【8†source】.

For more details on the filming locations and insights into the production of the *Madame Blanc Mysteries*, including behind-the-scenes looks at how Gozo was transformed into a French village, you can explore more through various online resources that delve into the making of this captivating series【7†source】.